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The Pink Zebra Opportunity:

Pink Zebra Home

If you can answer yes to anyone of the questions below, then come join us. Be part of an excited group of people that are on a journey of a lifetime with our ground floor Home Fragrancing Company, PINK ZEBRA.

  • Are you a multi-tasker?
  • Do you want to be connected to the world?
  • Do you want to be part of or lead in something big?
  • Do you want to help others?
  • Do you need a flexible schedule that works from home?
  • Do you want extra cash?
  • Do you like to be recognized for your achievements?
  • Do you want Free Product?

It's a natural fit… Pink Zebra, where you change your fragrance, change lives.

Pink Zebra is an exciting “Ground Floor” opportunity!!!!!! I am amazed at the extremely fast growth that Pink Zebra has so far experienced in less than 5 years since they began! I am VERY excited to see how much growth will occur for Pink Zebra in just a few years from now. I won't be "that lady" saying: "Gee, I wish I jumped on that opportunity when it came a-knockin'!" I am living it now and I love being a true die hard ZEEBIE!

There are almost 30,000 Pink Zebra Consultants nationwide as of today. The company is coming up on their 5th year anniversary in September, 2016.  

We actually have had former fragrance companies consultants join our Pink Zebra team and say that within 2-3 months they are making more per month than they did with their former fragrance company when they were independent consultants for 2-3 YEARS!

Benefits of Pink Zebra:
  • Choose between two starter kits to fit your budget:
Over $375 in product and supplies in your enrollment kit to support your business for only $199. Over $240 in product and supplies in your enrollment kit to support your business for only $99.
  • Over $575 in FREE products in your first 90 days.
  • Your own personal website.
  • Training through your own training portal.
  • 25% base + another 10% based on your personal sales.
  • A strong career plan that pays you a 7% bonus on those you sponsor + 2% mentoring bonus + leadership commissions each month.
  • Support from the home office and your upline.

Training & Support A winning team is here to Support you. When you join Pink Zebra, choose a consultant that is interested in your goals and you will have success as well as a great time! There are so many ways to develop your business; here are some highlights:


  • You will have immediate access to a series of training videos that will assist you through the first several weeks.
  • Read your Consultant guides to answer questions and help you reach your personal goals.
  • A personalized back office is available to organize and run your business professionally.
  • Tune into monthly webinars & newsletters to stay in the loop.
  • Come to our annual Family Reunions to expand your business and PZ family connections. We meet for a few days to grow our knowledge, motivate and build your team and friendships. Not to mention a ton of fun and great memories!
People in Pink Zebra
  • It is important to define your goals (or we call them your "why") and to communicate them to your team. Your sponsoring consultant is very excited in sharing what has worked, mentoring and motivating you.
  • Friend us on Facebook. A Pink Zebra's Private Consultant Corner is always buzzing with other consultants to chat with on ideas and information.
  • Customer Service at home office is available to you by phone or email.
Joining is simple
  1. Choose your enrollment kit
  2. Enroll online by clicking
  3. click Join Now
  4. Congratulations you are a Pink Zebra Consultant
Pink Zebra Family Reunion Every year we get our Pink Zebra family together for next level business training, motivation, team building and lots of Diva fun. Come and join us July 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada! :)
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If you want the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with dedicated leaders that will help you succeed, then Contact Me Now!  Sprinkle On!  : )

Start Your Business TODAY! I am glad I started when I did - the future of Pink Zebra is so bright that I am super excited!

Your Enrollment Kit Options

Fall/Winter 2016 Deluxe Enrollment Kit $169

Your deluxe kit contains: Core fragrance samplers, 1-Simmering Light, 1-Simmering Lights Shade,  1-3.75 oz. Soaks, 1 Just Add Soaks-Lotion, 1- Just Add Soaks- Clip-It, 1 Just Add Soaks - Woolie, 2-3.75 oz. Jars of Sprinkles, 1-16oz. Carton of Sprinkles, 1-Glimmer Candle Kit (petites),  1-25 Pack of Order Form, 1-10 Pack of Quick Start Brochures, 1-10 Pack of Opportunity Brochures, 1-50 Pack of Party Invitations,  1-25 Pack of Catalogs, 1-Zebra Rolling Case, 1-Zebra Handbag and 1-Pink Zebra Logoed Ball Cap.
$430 value!!!

*Pink Zebra reserves the right to change product in the kits for equal or greater value without notice.

Fall/Winter 2016 Starter Enrollment Kit $69

Your Starter Enrollment Kit contains the following: Core Fragrance Samplers, 1 Simmering Light, 1 Simmering Lights Shade, 1 3.75 oz. Soaks, 1pk - Just Add Soaks Lotion, 1 Just Add Soaks - Naked Reeds, 1 Just Add Soaks - Clip It,  2 3.75 oz. Jars of Sprinkles, 1 Petite Glimmer Candle Kit,  1 25pk of Order Forms, 1 10pk Quick Start Brochures, 1 10pk Opportunity Brochures, 1 50pk Party Invitations, 1 New Consultant Guide and 1-25 pack of Catalogs

$280 value!!!!

*Pink Zebra reserves the right to change product in the kits for equal or greater value without notice.

Pink Zebra D.Schad Independent Manager

Can't place an order right now??? Be a SMARTIE and book a Pink Zebra Party!!!!!
Contact me ASAP for more information!

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