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Pink Zebra - Paisley's Monthly Picks

April Paisley's Pick

Past Paisley's Picks
January 2015 - Long Stemmed Roses
February 2015 - Cherry Pie
March 2015 - Clover Patch
April 2015 - Pink Champagne Mimosa
May 2015 - Rich Teakwood
June 2015 - Pool Party
July 2015 - Ice Cream Sandwich
August 2015 - Candied Cinnamon Apple
September 2015 - Haunting Musk
October 2015 - Hot Buttered Rum
November 2015 - Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
December 2015 - Candy Cane
January 2016 - Smokehouse Bacon
February 2016 - Silver Driftwood
March 2016 - Sweet Tea
April 2016 -- Mint Julep
May 2016 -- Mango Ice Cream
June 2016 -- Fresh Sweet Strawberry
August 2016 - Moroccan Spice
September 2016 - Candy Corn
October 2016 - Rustling Leaves
November 2016 - Harvest Berry Cobbler
December 2016 - White Chocolate Mousse
January 2017 - Vanilla Frosting
Februrary 2017 - Apple Blossom
March 2017- Apricot Ginger
April 2017 - Limoncello

Pink Zebra D.Schad Independent Manager

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